New Zealand 1942 One Dot threepence

This coin is in almost uncirculated condition "i think" ?,  very fine detail , its missing the dot from the right side of the date, any idea of value?


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  • Hi Marcus - about 250,000 of these were made, compared to over 3 million of the regular "two dot" type. Your coin is in great condition, and although I can't be sure from a still picture, it seems to have much of the original mint luster remaining. 

    The catalogs have way overvalued these. They say $400+ US dollars in fully uncirculated condition. That's humbug! One of these graded MS63 sold for $130 in May of this year.

    Another graded AU58 failed to sell in September of 2015 even though the starting bid was less than $100.

    One specimen with brilliant iridescent "rainbow" toning, graded MS66+ and estimated at $400, was sold for just $150, also in September 2015.

    Now! With these three examples in mind, there WAS a coin sold in January 2015 (graded MS63) with a closing bid of $325 (plus auction fees).

    Taking all of this into account, I would estimate the retail value of your coin at $50-100. If you manage to get in direct contact with an interested collector, you could be looking at $125-200.

    Keep in mind that your coin is not "slabbed". Having a coin graded and slabbed by a professional coin service costs a bit of money, usually in the neighborhood of $15-25. However, it does work wonders when selling a coin, especially with rare varieties. Buyers are always scared of buying a fake: with the coin in a slab, the grading company puts their reputation on the line, and so works very hard to ensure that only genuine coins are slabbed. It brings prices up and attracts more bidders. So on some occasions, it can be worth the time and money!

    Great little rarity - best of luck with it!

    - Chris

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