5 lei 1885 RO - 21 g , 36,5 diameters .

5 lei 1885 RO  - 21 g ,  36,5 diameters  .   Fake or no ?  I need your opinion . 

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  • Genuine coins weigh 25.0 grams and have lettered edges. These are not good signs for your coin. Since 1885B is a rare date, it is very subject to counterfeiting. Still, your coin looks very convincing in the photos. The one in the picture below sold for $260 US dollars back in 2010. If you double-check the weight and it comes out 25.0, and you can make out edge lettering on close inspection, consider sending it to a professional service. Otherwise, it's a fake.


  • Hello Paul Richard,  I bought the coin from a gypsy that manufacturing hand-made jewelry . They sometimes have a strange method of cleaning it by using a grinder . So they might have damaged it . Thank you for your opinion .  Best regards !

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