R7+ 1786 New Jersey Colonial Copper Coin (Maris 24-Q)

 This NJ copper (I am told) is possibly an early 20th century  cast copy or electrotype copy of the R7+ 1786 New Jersey Colonial Copper Coin Maris 24-Q Plate coin.  Maybe a contemporary counterfeit.  The original coin weighs about 135-150 grains while this one is 247 grains  (the heaviest NJ copper listed in Breen is 203 grains).  Diameter is true at: 28.02mm.  The die marks/cracks on the reverse shield of the original 1881 Maris Plate 24-Q coin seem to match with several of the marks/digs on the "copy" coin (see side by side comparison).  

Only 5 examples are known of the 24-Q (the 5th discovered about a year ago), with the last two sold at the Mar 2017 Baltimore auction by Sacks Bowers Whitman Coins and Collectibles Expo (lot# 259) and another at the Nov 2015 Stacks Bowers auction in Baltimore (lot#  5398)


What are your thoughts? Worth sending it to NGC?  Thank you.

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  • Correction:  the Stacks Bowers auction in Baltimore  was in Nov 2016 and not in Nov 2015. 

  • FYI:  The coin is an early electrotype not the actual 1786 coin.  The numismatic expert I contacted (very well known and respected in colonials) was absolutely certain based on the information available that this is the electrotype copy of the actual Maris 24-Q coin from the 1881 Maris plates.

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