Can anyone please help to authenticate my AES grave?

This was part of my late Grandfather's collection,  he acquired it along with some roman and Islamic pendants from a metal detectorist in Spain many years ago.  I think it's an AES Grave.  The coins weight is 193g and diameter is 62mm and it's made of bronze.  It has a dark green thick patina.  Also it has little square holes or punch marks as can be seen in the pics,  on the net there is a picture of a genuine one with these marks,  so I am hopeful it's genuine.   

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • Yo, Keith -- Yes, I agree, Aes Grave with Janus and prow, value 1. Check your weight, which seems light. More likely weight is 230 to 280 grams. The example in our picture below weighs 228 grams. It sold for $1500 US dollars during a 2017 auction by ARS Classsica . Since the ARS piece is in slightly better shape than yours, and it does not have the strong green patina, I'd expect a price closer to $1000 for yours, but I could be way off. Your coin appears genuine, but it would be wise to investigate authenticity with a professional. If the weight is, in fact, 193 grams, authenticity is suspect. All in all, even with my several negatives, you have a nice coin. Good luck with it. CoinQuest thanks Numismatics ARS Classica for use of their coin photo.

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