2000 sacagawea $1 error???

I don't know much about coins but this isn't like any sacagawea coin I've seen. It seems to me like the lines fallow the same invisible lines that the words LIBERTY at the top do. I've spent a while trying to find something like this on the internet and can't so maybe somebody here can tell me something about it? Thanks.

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  • My only guess is that another coin has been pressed hard enough against it to make a mark, however if it was done during the minting process you would probably see an imprint of the other coin. This might be a error but I don't know as it could of easily been made post-mint which would add no value.

  • Looks like marks from a bank rolling machine.

  • Yes. I agree with Ashley and SNF. It is post-mint damage, not a 'minting error' coin. Therefore, it is worth face value, $1 US dollar.

  • Vending machine damage happens to a lot of coins

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