China coin?

What’s the year?  What’s it worth?

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  • Hi,Hector!

    As you provided only one single photo(of only one coin's side),before any other inquieries you must be sure that your coin is genuine & with what denomination we deal... These,because this silver type coin (known as ''Fat Man'' ; in fact depicting general Yuan Chi Kaï,the second president of the first Chinese republic) was minted in several years starting with 1914(year 3 of the republic) & in 3 denominations (all in good silver 890/1000): 20 cents(2 chiao),50 cents and 1 yuan(100 cents). Your coin seems to be from the year 5(aprox.1916) and that year ONLY 20 cents coins were minted. These should have a weight of 5.40g. if genuine.

    So,if this is your coin's actual weight (you didn't say up to now!) & the (silver) coin doesn't stick to any magnet(a test for you to do!),then your coin is real.👍 KM Catalogue values are as follows: 4/7/18 usd for grades F/VF/XF. If the condition of the other coin's side(you haven't shown us photo of this too,!) is similar to photographed side,then your coin may be graded as XF. As chinese coins are,in present days,sought after by collectors you may expect a market price(in an auction) of about 20$ or even more(this depends on demand AT THE PRECISE MOMENT OF THE TRANSACTION/AUCTION!).

    Hope all these helped you!


    • Andi Pasculescu 

  • I did check it with a magnet it does stick to the magnet..so does it mean it’s fake? 

    • Hector Paredes Of course,dear,100% FAKE!👎Sorry for the bad piece of news!🥺 Silver,of any alloy,NEVER sticks to a magnet!!!

      As a fake/forgery,value is a big zero. 😭Andi👋

    • Hector Paredes And,from the other side's photo,I see that your ''coin'' was ment to be the 1 Yuan denomination, not the 20 cents one. As I already told you NO yuan coins were minted in the year 5 of the republic.

      But this is extra info proof of counterfeit,the magnet test is more than enough!!!

    • Andi Pasculescu 

  • Thank you for the information.

  • The magnet test comes through again ...

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