S Baldwin Horseman 10 Dollar Gold California 1850

So I bought this coin at an estate auction and it was with many other items. I bought this half hoping it'd be real but did automatically ASSUME that it wasn't going to be a genuine original copy because that's semi unheard of. I'm not much of a coin person but I'm a gold person and this is gold, I can tell that it is very aged you should be able to see the natural corrosion (very slightly) I did compare this to the original w/ loupe magnification. It is 100% on point in my (somewhat professional) opinion.

my question is, it what do you think? What is your opinion? What should I do next? Get the coin graded?

Thank you in advance. 

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  • I did forget to add that while assuming it was fake did an acid test via scratch method. So that is why there is scratch spots on the rim. It did hold at 22k acid. White gold?

  • Hi Emily --

    To me, it looks like a well-known fake. Hopefully you are correct, but the pattern looks wrong to me.

    Please take it to a jeweler and have it tested with an XRF analyzer. I think you will find it is not gold.

    There is a picture of a genuine coin on this page:


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