What coin is this

I am having a hard time ID'ing this one.. Nero?

Help :)

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  • Hi,Vince!

    Yes,you are right,your coin was issued during roman emperor Nero's reign (54-68AD.). But the legend on the coin is written in greek letters: ''NERON KAIRAS...''meaning ''NERO CAESAR...''. Because your coin is a ''colonial'', provincial roman bronze coin. It is very likely that it was minted by the biggest roman-greek mint of those times,in Alexandria/Egypt. You didn't say your coin's weight,so I cannot tell you for sure the denomination but I think that it is a debased ''tetradrahm'' (if your coin's weight is of 7-8g.). Please,verify the weight! 

    I couldn't find the exact design of the other side (a standing bearded figure with a cane),it may be a rare type. Preservation is good,nice coin.馃憤 


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    • Andi Pasculescu Andi is on fire yet again :) I have to scale to weigh the coins yet. Will order one soon.

      Thank you

  • Or,Vince,your coin may be this one:   It is the closest photo to yours that I could find. Anyhow,this is also a provincial bronze coin of Nero but of another minting place. 


    P.S.: With antique coins you must not look for a 100% identical photo,because one or another type of coin could have been minted in different mints and years (sometimes distanced one to the other).

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    • Andi Pasculescu Yeah, seems closest to what i have, for now. I'll keep looking

    • Vince Wheeler Vince,Victory!

      Here is exactly your coin(with about same photo as yours).

      It is from the Roman-Greek province of Lydia/mint town of Sardis or Sardes (in today's Turkey). Issued about year 65AD.



    • Andi Pasculescu Wow, awesome.. Where did you find it, i tried google lens, but not so great results.

    • Vince Wheeler 馃か馃槣

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  • As fire-breathing Andi says, that's Zeus on the back. The only one I could find in my database did no sell at auction. It was estimated at 85 euros.

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    • Paul Richards Thank you Paul! appreciated.

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