Iran Coin silver?

So I was looking up coins for a friend and this one got me. I have a Iran coin, it is dated as 1327 according to symbols. This looks, feels silver. It is one of the dinars but has the upside down heart where the dinar amount should be. This is not bronze or copper as the pictures show for the coins with the upside down heart? Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Nice. It is an Iranian 5 rials, containing 0.154 troy ounces of silver. The heart shape is a 5. Islamic date is AH1327, which is equivalent to Western date 1909AD. The silver value is about $2.70 US dollars. See this page for pictures and values:

  • You are awesome....I appreciate the response

  • Sorry I haven't posted on this but I used your chart and I came up differently than the moderator on this for anyone using this as a reference. The symbols on the chart come up with the date being 1323...then you add 621 to the symbols and this give you the date of the coin. So this coin is dated as a 1944AD. I do not see the symbol chart on the link provided by the moderator but I've see these listed as 5 rials. Hope this helps

  • It's true, AC, that the base year for Islamic dates is 621AD, keyed to the life of prophet Mohammed. However, the Islamic calendar uses lunar (moon-based) years, while the Western calendar uses solar (sun-based) years. The conversion from one calendar to another involves more than addition or subtraction. I use web sites to convert these dates.

  • Paul Richards This coin was minted during the reign of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi(reigned from 1941 to 1979)

    The date is 1323 Solar hijri year( which is 1363 lunar hijri year and 1944 AD)

    Lunar dates were used on persian coins until the end of Qajar dynasty

  • Our calender is based on solar year not lunar

  • Ah. Thanks. Now I get it.

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