Philippines 1 Centavo 1903 to 1944

I have a 1944, ("d" mint) it's similar to the one you have listed, but it has the lady standing on front like your other listing: "Philippines 10, 20, 50 Centavos and 1 Peso 1903 to 1935" , and the other side looks like this listing: " Philippines 5 Centavos 1937 to 1945" :  Almost like I have two different coins?? Mine has a "d" mint, and your listing says:   "These are nice old coins, Pam. Back in these times, the Philippines was under US administration, and coins were minted by the United States for use there - both in San Fransisco (the S mint mark) and Manila (the M or no mint mark)."  SO I am confused, do I have a mis-print? counterfit? It is silver. Please help me!  jb

  • I believe your coin is on this page:

    If you know the country of origin, the best way to use the main CoinQuest site is to click the 'Coins by Location' button and look at the pictures of all the coins from that country.

  • Very Good, thank you! You nailed it... I am learning.. several more coins to go.


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