Ancient Roman Coin?

hey there, could you please help me identify this coin,  its width is 26-27mm and its 2-3 mm thick.   its heavy for its size .


  • Hmmm i think its Greek not roman, maybe Septimius Severus?

  • Can you make out any of the inscriptions. They look like Latin letters.

  • Yes. It is a good match and you are probably correct. There are differences with the image below, which comes from Roma Numismatics with a 2015 auction price of 65 GBP, about $100 USD.

    Description from auction reads:

    Septimius Severus Æ25 of Marcianopolis, Moesia Inferior. AD 193-211. Julius Faustinianus, legatus consularis. AV K Λ CEΠTI CEVHPOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / Y I +AYCTINIANOY MAPKIANOΠOΛIT, Cybele seated left, holding patera and resting left arm on drum; lion at her side. Varbanov 775. 9.26g, 25mm, 6h.

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