Need Help Identifying Islamic Coin

Hello everyone. Would anybody be able to assist me in identifying this coin and possibly it's worth?

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  • or possibly this one?

  • Can you post the other side to both of these coins?

  • Of Course!

  • Also....I know this is not the right place, but does anyone know what culture this bird or writing is from?

  • I think the gold coin is meant to resemble this (or one of the other denominations, way to tell is size): but yours is fake. It does look like real gold though, so it's still pretty valuable and these coins aren't worth much more than the gold value anyway.

    The other coin is a silver dirham from the Umayyad Caliphate, I can't identify the exact one since I don't speak Arabic and the way to identify these is by the emperor name I think. 

  • Thank you! I'm glad I found this website, you're knowledgeable on your coins! The gold one is real gold. That much I know. We've had it weighed and inspected by a gold dealer. But they weren't familiar with the mint of the coin, or it's worth, other than what you said, the gold value.

    The silver one is very confusing. Most dirhams I have seen come with three outer rings. This one comes with only two. I've yet to find the exact mint of what it is.

    But again, your help was much appreciated! Thank you!

  • Mariam Mohamad  Hi Mariam Very nice coin (gold one) . You have a Gold 100  Kurush AH1327/ yr 3 and should weigh 7.01 grams Ruler Muhammad V  KM#755 Country is Turkey. AH1327-36-1909-18AD Standard Coinage Cat value $420 in XF.  Mintage of 53,738 . Yours looks much nicer than XF even with the mount on it should still hold its value


    The silver Dirham looking coin is from Islamic states but which one would ned further enquiries but its a first point of call :)

  • Hi Richard! Thank you so much for your knowledgeable input! That gave me the details I needed for listings and searching out it's worth. But please forgive my ignorance, when you say "Cat value" is that the total worth, or just the price of the the mintage plus the price of the actual gold value?

    The silver one has been tough. I've seen many many versions, but none that were exactly with this print and stamp. The search continues....!  :)

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