Poltina (50 kopeks) 1885, Russia. Alexander III era

I have in my possession this coin. How can I find out if it is genuine or fake 

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  • Authenticating coins from Internet photographs is basically impossible. Much more reliable would be in-person inspection by a knowledgeable collector or professional coin dealer. Even then, your coin is either genuine or a very good fake.

    I believe it is a fake. The comparison image I prepared shows minute difference in detail, especially in the eagle's tail feathers. This departure, coupled with the overall un-natural look of the surfaces, leads me to believe you have a good counterfeit.

    In the image, your coin is labeled 'Suspect' and a coin from https://www.kuenker.de/en is labeled 'Genuine.' The Kunker coin sold for $3600 US dollars during a 2017 auction.

    As always, CoinQuest is indebted to Kunker for use of their image of a genuine 50 poltina. It's a beauty!

  • Paul Richards  Thank you Paul. Much obliged. 

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