Old beauty needing a name

Hello I was hoping to get some info on my penny!! It appears to have extra wording on the edges/rim and also it looks like a "8" is stamped on the left of the front. If you could give me some insight on this I would greatly appreciate it. I have read a lot of things about double stamped coins and missprints EXC... This one looks to have some interesting features can you help?

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  • Very weird. It is not a minting error, but it looks like the penny has been modified for use as some type of token. This type of thing is considered 'damage' by coin collectors. To be valuable, an 'error' coin must not be made by damage, but by mistakes made during the minting process. Since this is damage, it is worth about zero. 

    Here is a picture (with values) of one type of minting error. There are many types.


  • You can see where it has the same wording printed again but on the side ridge like it was stamped on again

  • Looks like a part brockage to me . clearly see the word unum in reverse and also Trust in reverse. That probably got clattered by the previous coin stuck on the die before getting ejected?

  • If Richard is right, then it is not damage, but a minting error and worth money. I don't see the patterns that he sees, but a 'brockage' is a well-known type of minting error. For some explanation and values, see this page:


  • Weather it is a genuine Brockage needs to be determined as I can only see some detail  I put on my pic what is actually on the coin. Sorry didn't have the skills to reverse the lettering but if you take it that the lettering is in reverse you will get what I mean. My only concern is the 6 Why would it be exactly the same way as the original when everything else is struck in reverse. Now it makes me feel it could of been self made but it may have another explanation best to send it off I would say?  

  • Yes, I agree. Inspection by a professional authenticator would yield good info. But the end result would probably be an encapsulated coin with full attribution that is worth less than the authentication fee.

    But I see now the very strong possibility of brockage. Thanks for posting.

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