detailes required!

Hi!Can anyone give me some detailes on this coin?I mean i hardly managed to find that it's a SCIPIONE GONZAGA thaler, 25 grams,42mm( SCIP GON SRI BOZVLI P I EC 80/

SVB PENNIS EIVS) but except that nothing, no other images with a simmilar coin, coins for sale or ngc prices!Thank you!

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  • Here is some incomplete info for you. The key to unlocking the mystery seems to be that the coin comes from the old Italian State of Bozzolo, where Scipione Gonzaga ruled between 1613 and 1670. I believe you have KM# 46, a tallero with half-figure right, 80 below, crowned double eagle with arms, weight varies 21 to 27 grams. Here's one:

     The Krause catalog says $1050 US dollars in good, $3500 in fine, and $10,500 in XF.

    You might consider having your coin professionally authenticated and conserved, see

    and then graded and slabbed.

    I looked for auction results for this coin, but could find none. It might be quite rare.

    The image above comes from:

    (use Google translate)

    and there is another site with this coin, here:

    In my opinion, you've got a super coin. Nice!


  • Thank you Paul for all the info provided!

  • Update!I've just paid a visit to a well known auction house/coin dealer in London, to buy a coin and i took this taler with me.They said the coin is authentic, very rare and that it values around 100$ due to its condition , just in case i wanted to sell it to them!So i guess i'm going to put a nail in it and throw it in the Thames!:)))

  • Very cool. If you send it to NGC for conservation and slabbing, it will probably cost you $100 US dollars or so. I'll bet, when it came back from them looking great and fully authenticated, graded, and attributed, it would be worth at least $200, and maybe a lot more.

    Don't throw it in the Thames yet!

  • You are  right Paul. Following your suggestion I've  contacted NGC about sending it to them  so i know exactly what i have to do next.  I just wanted to point out how a respected dealer is willing to share an ''honest'' opinion especially if they smell an easy prey,  but i guess it's business as usual so i'm not surprised. Thank you for your time!

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