Sleeper coins

Hi, just curious, what would be an appropriate mintage figure cut off point before a coin can be considered a sleeper coin?


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  • Hi Jeronimo -- You can't tell just from the mintage. Some coins have large mintages, but are later melted to retrieve their precious metal. Others are stored in mint vaults for decades. The only way to identify potentially undervalued sleepers is to study and watch trends in their prices over years of time. Choose a few series of coins you really like, read everything you can find about them, and track them for long periods of time. There's no quick answer.

  • Alright thanks. I'm wondering if the coin I have would have been made for circulation. It is a Nicaraguan 50 centavo piece from 1929 and only 20000 were made, this seems like a rather small for a country with over 1/2 million people at the time. The whole series amount to 280000 coins in total.

    I guess they were just counting on the fact that the average person would never have a demand for it...

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