Zeugitana Carthage Coin

Hi All,

I have this coin and all I know about this coin that its from the Zeugitana Carthage era ,

Does anyone know more information about this coin and its value if possible 

Many Thanks

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  • We could not pass up the opportunity you gave us to add these amazing coins to our database. For full info, please go to this ilnk:


    I don't think your coin is a replica, but it might be. Since it is in very worn condition, value is at the lower end of the scale, probably around $100 US dollars.

  • The photo makes me think this is not the gold version that carries a high value but one of the common bronze denominations issued at the same time.  I agree that the coin could be a fake judging from the photo.  If genuine, it certainly has lost most of its original value to a poor cleaning job.   All ancient coins have been cleaned to some degree but collectors prefer examples with remaining natural patina to those that have been scrubbed down to bare metal.   There are many variations of these including sizes and letters in the fields.   They are common and popular.  The gold is expensive but gold usually does not 'weather' in the way shown so I suspect it started as a brass alloy that suffered a lot in the last 200 years.   The coin should be shown, in person - not a photo, to an expert in these if you really believe it is gold rather than brass.

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