Couple of coins here that were in my find recently,

The goldish, bronzey one appears to be Queen Victoria, dated 189- cant work out last number and appears to be in commemoration of Diamond Jubilee, very badly worn and really dont want to attempt cleaning it.  The bigger one is also very worn, it says Britannia with a design ive never seen so im guessing its old, on the bust side again i cant work out who it is but it does say George II on there, any info regarding possible dates etc of these 2 coins would really be appreciated.

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  • Unfortunately these are too beat-up to be worth anything to collectors. I can't make out what the coins are either.

  • The first one is not a coin but a commemorative token to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Victoria,s reign. There was many variations of these tokens made. The second is either an English George 11 , 1727-1760 halfpenny or farthing but I can,t tell without knowing the size. 

  • Linda Ritchie Many thanks for the info - - Yes i contacted a specialist, it is a half penny from 1700s, believed to be copped not Bronze, which apperntly makes it rare and worth something to a collector despite its worn face, however, i cant find any information that he mentioned online, so i dont know.

  • Sorry, COPPER lol, not copped.

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