Where from, date issued, price

Hi.  I am trying to determine where these coins are from, what date they were issued and if they have any value.   They are part of a big coin collection that was inherited 20 years ago.

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  • Daniel -- As a first step, please go to the page below and look for matches to your coins. Click on the matches for details, including origin, date, and approximate value.

    There is a good chance that some (or all) of your coins are counterfeits. Once you have done the first step, choose one coin and post it here for questions and answers. We will try to address all your questions. Please post one coin at a time, as each one requires detailed research,

    See this page:


  • Hi,Daniel!

    As Paul told you,please open a topic for each coin,providing CLEAR photos of both coin's sides + edge + accurate weight(in grams).

    For the present,I can tell you that the coin with a horse & a dragon is a FANTASY coin of no value.

    All the others are supposed to be SILVER chinese coins. To have a first ''opinion'' upon them,you should do the ''magnet test'': If they stick to a magnet,they are 100% fake,as silver never sticks to a magnet! Any coin which doesn't stick shall be presented to us for further investigation as the ''magnet test'' passed doesn't prove for sure authenticity(there are other metals non-magnetic besides silver).

    Andi 馃憢

  • I take a wild guess that there not from Ohio-- # 6 clearly states "Hong Kong" and shows the motto of The  Order of the Garter  HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE is shamed be (the person) who thinks evil of it 

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