Hi these coins have been in my house before i was born and i have no clue where are they from and how much value do they have?. price wise?

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  • Can paul richard help me or anyone please. Thanks for your cooperation

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  • Hi Jeffrey -- They all look like replicas of coins from ancient Greece and ancient Rome. They look like replicas (fakes, reproductions, counterfeits), but they may be genuine. It is difficult to tell from Internet pictures.

    I suggest you focus on one of them and try to get full identification. Once you have ID, you can get history and value.

    To choose your focus coin, go to this page:


    and look for a close match.

    Re-post if you have questions about your focus coin. We can provide images of a genuine coin and you can compare your coin to the genuine one.

    Genuine coins are valuable. Replicas are worth almost zero.

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    • Paul Richards thank you soo much i really appreciate your reply deal i will update u fingers crossed

    • Jeffrey Melkissetian sorry to disappoint you. All coins are 100% fake.

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