Coin Finds 2023

I found these coins inside a Japanese Cabinet that i bought recently and would like to know the dates of them and Value if any.. they are a 1 Yen a 10 Yen and a 1/2 Sen and apart from being a bit mucky they are in really good condition.

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  • Hello!

    First of all,I don't know to whom I reply & give my answer!?? Nice would have been to give us (together with your posted topic) a name (even a pseudo/avatar one!)...

    Back to your question,I want to tell you that I completely identified your coins ; you found the correct denominations of only 2 of them (the 1/2 sen & 10 Yen ; the coin you said it is a 1Yen is not! It is a 1 sen coin).

    All 3 coins are common coins,of low collectable values. Even if for an ''untrained'' eye as yours (sorry!; I apologize but it is true) the coins look ''in really good condition'',for us (collectors) they are circulated coins,of a medium conservation grade (F to,at most,VF).

    Your coins are:

    1/2 sen 1887 (emperor Mutsuhito,Meiji era,year 20) ; value:3 $

    1 sen 1918 (emperor Yoshihito,Taisho era,year 9) ; value:0.25 usd.

    10 Yen 1959-1978.... (emperor Hirohito,Showa era). value:0.10 usd.


  • Thank You Andi

    For the information but i only wanted to know the coins date and value.. to try and date the Merchants TANSU cabinet that i found them hidden in, in a secret compartment.. It is currently being valued by Sotheby's of London  so to value of the coins is insignificant to what the cabinet could be worth.



    • John Allen Hi again,John! (Now I know your name,it's well like this!)

      I gave you perhaps much more information than you needed/wished because I didn't know exactly what were your expectations/needs!

      But I want to let you know that from the dates of the coins is impossible to determine the cabinet's real age! It may be as old as it can be but... one of its recent owners (after 1959,the newest's coin year of minting) put there the 3 old coins (he had previously in his possession). As you may see the 3 years are quite far in time,one from the other...

      Good luck with your cabinet! Bye-bye!


    • John Allen And,John,do you know that the previous dating ''rule'' can be also expressed like this: the cabinet may have been manufactured recently (let's say,at the end of the 20-th.century) and,again,one of its recent owners put in it 3 old japanese coins he had in his possession.

      Conclusion of dating the cabinet by the dates of 3 coins found in it: 

      No possible dating, the cabinet could have been made centuries ago OR in very recent times BUT his post 1959 owner put there (why? = mystery) 3 different old coins he had gathered...


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