Please help me find some info on this medal. 1931 German Medal. Silver.

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  • It celebrates 60 years of the German Empire from 1871 to 1931. That is Wilhelm I. The medals come in gold, silver, and bronze. Approximate retail prices: gold, $700; silver, $50; bronze, $20.

  • Paul Richards Thank you.  Online I could only find two picture (gold and the bronze) so I was sceptical of the silver.  Thank you for taking the time and information.

  • Hi Aaron -- Your silver medal is so gorgeous, and your photo so professional, we've added your medal to the CoinQuest database, as long as that is ok with you. See:

    BTW, I just saw an auction where the silver version sold for $120. It's all in finding the right buyer!

  • Paul Richards Hey Paul, thanks.  Yes, feel free to add it to your data base.

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