Help to identify

Looking for help to identify these coins.  Suggestions welcome and much appreciated. 

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  • Hi Peter,

    I recognize the one on the right: it's a gigot or "duit" from the Spanish Netherlands.  struck under Philip II of Spain in the final year of his reign, 1598. It was struck in Antwerp. Catalog reference GH# 234-1. Numista has a page on them, see here. It's quite worn but scarce and has a nice clear date - value approx. $30 to 45 USD.

  • I'm having trouble with the one on the left. The coat of arms on the reverse was used by Bavaria until 1623. The obverse looks like a patard of Philip the Handsome, with the long cross on a quadrilobe.

    It must have been struck around 1600, likely somewhere between what is now Belgium and the city of Nuremberg in northwestern Bavaria. Beyond that, I'm afraid I can offer little insight.

  • Hello Christopher. Thanks a lot for your reply! Much appreciated. The region makes sense, as I got these coins via a sister of my grandmother, who was born in the Netherlands. She collected coins and they got handed over to me over time. I will read up on the links you provided. Do you have any idea on the value for the coin on the left? I'm not planning to sell, but would be good to know (or at least have an idea of range). Thanks again. Best - Peter

  • Hi Peter. I tried again but am still stumped as to the coin on the left. As it is, unidentified and with green corrosion, the value is very low. Something like $5 dollars.

    It might be a fun project to try cleaning it up a little. Try soaking the coin for a few minutes in a weak solution of distilled household ammonia, then rinsing it off. Each rinse should remove a lot of green gunk. Stop before the coin becomes completely shiny - it's good to leave on a bit of patina.

    Cleaning coins is normally BAD, but in your case, I am afraid the corrosion may continue over time, eventually eating through the coin. This would happen over several years, not in the blink of an eye, but it is something worth worrying about.

    - Chris

  • Hello Chris. Thanks a lot. I will give that a try during the weekend. And will let you know how it goes. Best regards. Peter

  • Hi Chris. I think I might have found the coin (couldn't stop looking..). Started to see that the image might have been older. And then found this link:,_Duke_of_Bavaria

  • Aha! Great find! That is definitely spot on!

    I can find only a few of these in auction records, noted as having been struck in ca. 1410. They are listed as scarce, with values starting around $180 for average circulated coins.

    Your coin is warped, worn and has corrosion issues. In its current state I think it would be tough to sell it for much more than $25 USD. (I know you are not looking to sell it, but just to give an idea.) It might clean up to have a value twice of that - and a bit of cleaning will definitely help preserve the coin for the future in this specific situation.

    Once again, nice find, both the coins themselves and your ID!

    - Chris

  • As a reference this coin was sold by a professional auction house in 2013 for €80, equal to about $110 USD at the time.

  • Thanks Chris! I have cleaned the coin. Will share some pictures. It improved a lot. Thanks again! best

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