What is this please

Could anyone tell me if this is a real coin I was given it and told it was Chinese silver what's it value or what is it???

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  • Japanese Conquest of Shanghai  Obverse: Japanese Helmet above crossed rifle and sword

    Reverse Junk reverse of Dollar  y#345 1938  . I cannot tell you if it is genuine as the picture looks like it is either cupro-nickel or aluminium and from research these were made in Copper and brass. The characters look embedded  in to the design rather than proud and on the surface. Check the weight and diameter  22.67 grams  39.5 mm diameter. They did make fantasy coins in nickel plated brass and could well be one of those. I would take it to a well respected dealer and ask them to authenticate it.

  • Thanks very much is it worth keeping or is it junk? 

  • I would say it is worth keeping. But unfortunately if it is genuine, the value could take a serious hit as it looks like the coin as been cleaned, the flat areas are very clean while patina is in the "hard-to-reach areas". Other than that, it is a lovely looking piece.

  • Hi Danielle -- It must be a fairly rare piece. We can find only a few references to it, and only one auction result for you. The medal shown below sold for $170 US dollars during a 2012 auction. Even though cleaned, yours looks a lot better and would probably be worth an equivalent amount.

    There is a well known professional coin cleaning service (called 'conservation' rather than 'cleaning') which is often used on pieces like yours. Letting them work at your Conquest of Shanghai medal might increase its value substantially, more than what the service cost. You might think about it. See:


    CoinQuest thanks Baldwin's ( http://www.baldwin.co.uk/auctions/ ) for use of their photo.

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