Both of these are Canadian $1 coins but have different pictures of women on the front, the database only shows the one on the right.

Both of these are supposed to be$1 Canadian coins but they have different pictures on the front is this a mistake or did they make them with two different pictures on the front because the database I looked at only shows the picture on the right.

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  • Hi Michael nothing unusual there. The coins are from 1983 and 1990. The mints change designs on coins from year to just to keep them fresh looking or if they didn't particularly like a design one year . Or if a die lifetime had come to an end and it was too worn to continue with. They would use a new one and it would be a different style.

  • richard fox  Thanks. It just looks odd that it's got the princess image on the old one and Queen image on the new one.  But I'm use to U.S. money always looking the same every year. Lol

  • Young bust and older Bust, Plenty of British coins have many variations of the queen.

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