Victoria golden jubilee coin earrings -- real or fake?

Hi folks, 

I'm new to this so bear with me. I did look for these a lot but can't find anything like the one dated 1837. I came into this pair of copper coin earrings from an estate. They are both images of Victoria, dated 1837 and 1887 so I think this was a golden jubilee commemoration of some kind. I'm wondering if these were old coins with the edges re-shaped to make them into jewelry? And also I could find many images like the one dated 1887, but I could not find any like the earlier one. For one thing I could not find Victoria facing right, but even coins of that era facing left are not quite like this one. So maybe these were never currency, just some kind of jubilee tchotchke?

Any information is welcome, thanks all.

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  • Sorry, we can't do much to authentic/value jewellry, but I can tell that these weren't made from any coins, even if they were the damage is too much for them to be worth anything as a coin.

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