real? or fake ?

I would like to know if this coin is real or fake, and is it worthy ?

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  • It looks real.

    Can you please type in what the inscriptions say? I can't tell from your pictures. With inscriptions, we should be able to ID the coin and get approximate value.

    • Paul Richards 


      I got the pics from friend of mine, and I asked him to send a clear ones. 

      this is what I could understand at the moment, 

      in the left side"gloria"

      up"BEI", right "pvblicae", down "snana"

    • Paul Richards I got this from internet, is it the same ?

  • Salem -

    The one in my picture is genuine, with description as follows:


    Constantius II. AD 337-361. AV Solidus (21mm, 4.46 g, 6h). Antioch mint, 9th officina. Struck AD 347-355. FL IVL CONSTAN TIVS PERP AVG, pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right / GLORIA REI PVBLICAE, Roma seated facing and Constantinopolis seated half-left with right foot on prow, each holding scepter in left hand, with their right hands supporting shield inscribed VOT/ XX/ MVLT/ XXX in four lines; SMANΘ. RIC VIII 83; Depeyrot 6/3; Biaggi 2137. Toned, a few light scratches, thin die break on reverse. EF. Wonderful style. Sharply struck on a full flan.

    From the JFL Collection. Ex Triton XIII (5 January 2010), lot 394 (hammer $4200); Rauch 83


    It sold for $4000.

    From the description, yours should weigh about 4.5 grams, 21 mm diameter, and be made out of gold. A jeweler can determine gold content. Compare the details of your coin with the genuine coin pictured.

  • Here is another genuine piece. Note how well the pattern stands out. Yours looks mushy, and it does not look like gold. These two things indicate counterfeit. But the important part is gold or not. Have it tested.

    • Paul Richards Paul thank you for your answers, I will have test and let you know the results. 

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