Is this a genuine 1895?

I know nothing about coins; we're settling an estate and have a cache of silver dollars of various years and types, including this one. The person to whom this belonged was apparently told by someone at some point that it might be worth something. Very grateful for any feedback.

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  • Dear Patricia

    Please see the the following page ...


    I would suggest that you take the coin to reputable coin dealer close to your location for in hand inspection.

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    • Manfred Schmidt Thanks, I had seen that page. Didn't seem as though ours had anything that obviously crude on it; off to find a "reputable coin dealer."

  • Hi Patricia -- Nice coin.

    All Morgan dollars are worth money. Just from silver content alone, they are worth close to $20 each at today's silver value.

    The one you've pictured is an 1895-S coin, not a plain 1895 coin. If it were a plain 1895, it would be worth thousands of US dollars. Nevertheless, a nice looking 1895-S like yours sells to collectors for about $500. Here is one which sold on eBay for $550:


    Note that selling your coin to a dealer, rather than to a collector, results in much lower value, since the dealer must maintain a healthy margin to keep his or her business afloat.


    Our page on Morgan dollars, which gives approximate values for all dates, appears here:


    Manfred is right about seeking out a reputable coin dealer. Be careful with coin dealers. Most are honest, but some are shysters. The ones you find on the following page are honest, top-notch dealers.


    Thanks for posting your valuable coin. If you have more questions, post again.

  • Note -- the "S" mint mark is on the back, under the eagle. It denotes San Fransisco mint.

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