Greek SIlver Coin Tetradrachm 450 BC

Does anybody know what this would be worth? I honestly have no idea! 

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  • Hi Lydia --

    Yes, as you say, it is a coin from ancient Greece with goddess Athena on the front and the owl of Athens on the back.

    Find out if it is a drachm or tetradrachm using the information on this page:


    If the weight and diameter match those on the above page, take it to a jeweler and have it tested for silver content. If it is silver, then it is certainly genuine and the values on the above page apply. If it is not silver, it is a fake and is worth about zero.

    The one in my picture is a tetradrachm. It sold for $1100 US dollars during a 2022 auction. It is in better condition than your coin. So, if your coin is genuine, it would be worth less than $1100, probably about $700.

    • Paul Richards Thankyou so much, Paul.

    • Paul Richards Hey Paul how do I go about auctioning things off on CNG? I’d only be selling VF and EF. Do I have to jump through a heap of hoops or is it fairly easy to get on board? There’s not a sign up button I see lol

    • Paul Richards actually I just realised that this is probably USA only. Any other suggestions? For auctioning sites? I’m Australian.

  • Hi Lydia --

    I've never done the CNG thing, but I know a guy who has. Talk to Joshua in New Zealand from his web site:


    Joshua is a coin dealer. He sold me a really nice Owl for my collection. It's one of my favorites.

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