Constantine I Follis AE2-AE3

Hello! What might this Roman Follis be worth? It is around 20 mm in diameter, BTR in exergue, (RIC VII/ 158). Thank you in advance!

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  • Hi Ludwig --

    That's a nice looking coin. I have tried to find an EXACT match in my database, but have not found an EXACT one. I'm nor sure your RIC number is correct. Here are the results of my search:

    CONSTANTINVS -- for sure

    Draped bust -- for sure

    Sol standing left holding globe -- for sure

    SOLI INVICTO COMITI inscription reverse -- for sure

    BTR in exergue -- probably

    F-T in field -- can't find this is my database, paired with the other 'for sure' items (there are plenty of T-F fields that match)

    The closest I could find is pictured. Below is it's auction description. Your coin probably carries similar value, unless the F-T field makes it rare, but I don't know this.

    Roma Numismatics Ltd > E-Sale 78    Auction date: 17 December 2020
    Lot number: 1780

    Price realized: 70 GBP   (Approx. 94 USD / 78 EUR / 84 CHF)

    Constantine I BI Nummus. Treveri, AD 310-313. IMP CONSTANTINVS AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust to right / SOLI INVICTO COMITI, radiate Sol standing facing, head left, chlamys draped over left shoulder, holding globe and raising right hand; T-F across fields, PTR in exergue. RIC VI 871. 3.70g, 24mm, 6h.

    Extremely Fine.

    Ex Dieter Alten Collection, purchased from Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co. KG, March 2009.

    Estimate: 30 GBP

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      Paul Richards Wow, that is a lot of information to grasp, thank you! I was going over the little info paper that came with the coin, and it says [R4] next to the (likely wrong) RIC number. What is it, and might that piece of info be accurate and/or useful?

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    • Ludwig Paus Ha! I wish I could say that I understand RIC numbering. But that would not be true. One thing is true, "WildWinds" is the definitive source of ancient coin knowledge, and I can't find your coin in their RIC listings, here:


      Your coin deserves further investigation. I looked extensively to find it, but could not find the EXACT match. This means (1) it is really rare, or (2) it is a fake, or (3) I didn't look hard enough. Probably (3).

      Please try posting your coin over at:


      There are a lot of smart people there. Please let me know if you find out more ...

      And, I don't know what [R4] means!

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      Paul Richards Great news!! It took me a few minutes to assess the Wild Winds link (thanks), and seemingly at the bottom of the list, I found a perfect match: RIC VII Trier 158! I am attaching the description + photo, and everything matches...

      Constantine I, Trier, AE Follis.
      317-318 AD.
      IMP CONSTANTINVS AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
      SOLI INVIC-TO COMITI, Sol standing left, chlamys across left shoulder, holding globe, raising right hand.
      F-T across fields.
      Mintmark BTR.
      RIC VII Trier 158.

      It interestingly also has the F-T variant in my coin. Hopefully I find some more information on what it is worth, but until then, thank you!

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      Paul Richards And about the R4, I found the following information on Constantine's coinage:

      RIC VII (1966)
      C3: [Common] more than 41 coins known
      C2: [Common] 31-40 coins known
      C1: [Common] 22-30 coins known
      S: [Scarce] 16-21 coins known
      R1: [Rare] 11-15 coins known
      R2: [Rare] 7-10 coins known
      R3: [Rare] 4-6 coins known
      R4: [Very Rare] 2-3 coins known
      R5: Unique [only one in the collections examined]

      It probably is not accurate, as it is old and new specimens can be unexpectedly uncovered and it refers only to certain examined collections, but anyways, it might be the meaning of the R4 next to the coin! Good to find some closure.

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  • Hi again, Ludwig.

    As they say in the movies ... we make a good team. Thanks for your efforts. Persistence pays off.

    Trier was a big help.

    (BTW, I invest $600 per year in the CoinArchivesPro database. It is a VERY useful numismatic tool for all coins, except US coins. Advertising revenue from the main CoinQuest web site offsets the $600.)

    So the "R" is a rarity indicator. Got it. Don't quickly dismiss R4. It is probably correct. Here is an analysis of database search results.

    "Constantine I" - returned 52083 coins

    Add "Trier" - returned 3310 coins

    Add "ae follis" - returned 1189 coins

    Add "ric vii" - returned 251 coins

    Add "158" - returned 4 coins

    Looks good. However, none of the 4 coins returned by the "158" search match your coin. Instead, I looked through the 251 coin images for the "ric vii" search and found only 2 coins with an F-T field. But, both of the F-T coins have a different portrait of the emperor (pictured).

    Summary: starting with 50000+ Constantine coins, yours is not in the database. R4 sounds right. I'd guess your coin would sell in the $200 to $300 US dollar range, perhaps more. Yay!

    Consider contacting WildWinds. The picture of their coin looks like it came from the CoinArchivesPro database, even though I can't find it. That means the WildWinds coin was sold at auction. Tracking down the specific auction would help in determining value.

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      Paul Richards Well, thank you! As of now, it all sounds amazing! I will keep in touch if I find any new lead.

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