What is this?

My daughter found this buried in a cotton field in Northeast Arkansas in the summer of 2019.  I’ve been trying to find out anything I can about it, and have had zero luck. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.  (Quarter is for size reference)

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  • Well, that's cool. It is, obviously, a good luck token (not a coin, a token). Tokens with horseshoes and 4-leaf clovers are very common. A modern one is shown in my picture. If you do a google search on 'good luck token' you will see *oodles* of different patterns.

    So, I tried to find one like your daughters, but no luck (so to speak). This may mean that the pattern on yours is somewhat rare. Even the mighty tokencatalog.com does not have one like yours. They have 277 tokens with inscription 'lucky coin,' but none of those 277 look like yours. If you do a search for 'luck' on our home web site (https://coinquest.com), you will see 23 examples from around the world, including from India, Tibet, the Philippines, China, Germany, and the US.

    Try cleaning your token with plain soap and warm water. Do not clean it with anything else.

    Your token might be worth $5 to $10 US dollars to collectors of such material.

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    • Paul Richards 

      Thank you for the quick reply. I too have searched the internet and found a plethora of different good luck tokens.  But I’ve yet to find another like this.  At first, I was curious about the value. But after a couple years of searching without any “luck”, and all the hours my now 16 year old daughter have spent trying to identify this thing, We have no interest in selling it.  We just want to know the history of it.   Thank you again. 

  • Cleaned it up some. 

  • Heath -- Just call it "the Stumper!" There are some sharp numismatists (coin collectors) over at:


    They also have token specialists. Give them a try, if you haven't already.

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