Rare Elizabeth 1 shilling?

Wondering if anyone can tell me about this coin and maybe it’s value?  I have only found a couple online like this one and this seems to be in much better condition. Reads elizabet not Elizabeth or Elizab. Also has no date. Thank you in advance for your help. Lisa

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  • Hi Lisa --

    It's a stumper. As you say, the specifics of the pattern and the inscriptions are a slight bit different than "normal" Elizabeth coins.

    I spent about 30 minutes with my detailed (professional) coin database (with 5 million coin pictures) and could not find an exact match to your coin. There are hundreds of near matches in the database, just not an exact match. I spent most time looking for inscription match to POSVI DEVM ADIV MEVM.

    Typical values for coins like yours are a few hundred US dollars.

    Genuine shillings weigh about 6 grams and are made of silver. If you take your coin to a jeweler, these properties can be verified. A sixpence coin would weigh one-half that amount. There are 12 pence in a shilling.

    Tony Clayton is the **super expert** on coins of the UK. He may answer your questions via email. See his page here:


  • If you can, Lisa, please direct me to the ones you found. You did a lot better than I did. I found ZERO!

    • Paul Richards check out the pictures I just posted.  I think they are the same as mine. Let me know what you think

  • Oh. Those two in your pictures are not an exact match. Look, for instance, at the POSVI DEVM side. The inscriptions at 8:00 o-clock and 10:00 o'clock are not the same as yours.

    • Uugghh. You are right.  I emailed tony.  Maybe he will have an answer.  Do you think it is fake?  I haven’t a clue

  • No, I don't think it's fake. The surfaces are damaged with corrosion of some kind, and that will keep the value low, even if it is genuine and fully identified. Tony will know. Hope he answers.

    • Paul Richards I hope so too 

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