Value of 1680 Cob Coin

Hello! I came across this 1680 1/2 Real minted in Potosí. I did read the Coinquest page for these types of coins, but this one has some peculiarities:

-The hole unfortunately placed in the worst possible location (it is sad that unholed cobs became so scarce!)

-The two clear dates on the obverse [(6)80] and reverse [80].

-What seems like a pomegranate instead of a regular dot above Charles II's monogram (see third picture).

I simply do not know much about the last two points and whether they are rare or not on this type of coin. Would they, in any case, impact the value of the coin? And how negatively might the hole affect its value?

Some additional info: the weight is 1.8 grams.

I look forward to any help and input!

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    Bummer about the hole. Ugh.

    The pomegranate feature is probably meaningless. These old cobs vary widely.

    The nice Potosi half real collection shown in my photo sold for $174 US dollars. They are nice coins without problems. Dates are 1667, 1680, 1682, 1685, 1686, 1688, 1690.

    Approximately, then, 7 coins for $174 is $24 each. Figuring the hole wrecks that by three-quarters, that's 1/4 of $24, or $6 for your coin.

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      Paul Richards Well, that is more disappointing than I expected! But it totally makes sense, seeing the availability of unholed 1/2 reales.

      Once again, thank you for all the help!

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