Double stamped 2001 Penny with shield and the Lincoln Head penny

Would this coin be worth some money? I had one coin shop tell me that one penny was placed on top of the other and then struck real hard to make the shield and Lincoln's head  on the same coin. Doesn't seem logical to me, any info would help. Thank You!

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  • Lisa -- I can't open your images. They are in an unusual format. Can you please re-post them as JPG files?

    You might have a valuable error coin. But maybe not. Need the images.

    Check out some of the error coins we have posted on our CoinQuest site. Click to this link:


  • Thank you for letting me know.


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  • Hmmm. Normally when you see a mixed up coin like this, it means it is a special type of minting error called a 'brockage.' If this is true, your coin carries value as a minting error.

    Do not clean your coin. Cleaning ruins value.

    First a question: This is one coin, correct?

    Second question: I took your most visible images and photoshopped them together into a side-by-side image. Does my image accurately reflect what your coins looks like?

  • If your answers to my questions are both 'yes' then this MAY be a valuable minting error. Brockages sell for $20 to $200 US dollars, depending on their overall appearance. For an explanation of how brockages are made, see our page here:


  • The reason I say MAY be valuable is that there is a major problem with your coin: it appears to have two different designs: (1) an older Lincoln Memorial reverse and (2) a newer Shield reverse. Such a minting error can never happen in a minting machine, because the machine is set up with one design or the other, not both. For this reason, your coin MAY be a fake minting error made as your coin shop owner describes.

  • Let's see if another Community member has some ideas about your coin. You can also go to eBay and do searches on 'brockage' in the coins category. This will give you an idea about what they look like and what they sell for.

    • Paul Richards Is there a possibility of it getting stuck in the minting press for awhile and the mint changing the stamp, so it got stamped with the 2 different images. I found the penny in my penny jar I have. The Penny jar is interesting , too, Is a liquor bottle from the prohibition.  The coin shop owner said that one coin was place on top of the other and hit with a rock. If you think about it that would not be possible to keep on penny on top of the other so that the image would be imprinted on another penny.That is why I think some how it got stuck in the printing machine for some time. I would be hard to make the image of another penny without having the stamps that they use at the mint. Logically I think that would be the only way to stamp a penny as clear as the images were. What do you think? But after viewing you article about how pennies are made that would be the only way to get that clear of an image. Even those machines that flatten pennies and turn them into another penny it doesn't leave the old image on them, It totally changes the image on the penny.

    •  Paul Richards After going to ebay and looking at other error coins there, none of them have a second stamp that is clear. the second stamp on those is not seen. So now I am really curious to get it doubled stamped with the 2 different stamps of a penny the new and the old I am quit curious on how it could be done. I would thing you would need the mint machine but how the 2 different stamps were used on it. Maybe someone at one of the mints made it. Hoping to take it for themselves. who knows, but unless someone created a very ingenious machine to do this. I don't see putting a penny on top of another penny and hitting it with a rock would create this penny. I could be wrong, but the force of the hit the pennies would go flying and would be off center so it would have to be held tight by something. Please reply back. I open minded and open to any ideas of how it might have been made.

    • Paul Richards  the answers to your questions are yes and yes. I didn't do any Photoshop to this coin. This is what the coin looks like with the bare eye.

  • Hi Lisa -- People do funny things to coins. This one, no doubt, was deliberately made, possibly to sell to a collector. Nevertheless, I sent my picture of your coin to Mike Byers. Mike, literally, wrote the book on minting errors. He'll know. See his web site, below. I'll post when he replies.


    • Paul Richards Thank you!

  • Hi Lisa -- Mike responded, but there is no new news. The coin dealer you talked to is correct. Here's Mikes message after viewing the image of your coin.

    Hi Paul

    Nice hearing from you!

    Enjoy retirement.

    Yes it’s been wacked- not a mint error!


    8545 W Warm Springs Rd, A-4 #340
    Las Vegas, NV 89113

    • Paul Richards Thank you!

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