Please help me with this one.

Hello y'all,

I found this coin in my collection and i would like to it's value. (if any)
Also i would love to get more information about it.

Any help appreciated

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  • Looks* like a silver denarius however there is no X, the facial profile is facing opposite of the more common pieces, meaning it may be before ccato, possibly his father, and/or many others. Cant make out the writing very well, possibly Balbus, I will brush up on mine, let you know the time period, if authentic. 

    Many are cast and sold as real, many are real, goto catawiki, there are many to search. 

    This appears to be a reproduction however it may be a very nicely preserved imperial or republic piece, hard to tell. Where did you obtain it? A guess, 150 bc to 225 ad. 

    • William Cross Thank you for the detailed reply.
      My father passed away a few months ago and left me with a ton of Roman artefacts. Glass, Amphores, coins, pottery. Since i am not a collector nor an expert, i have the task to indentify every object. It's fun and i am making a lot of new friends.



    • Vince Wheeler That is incredible! I am a connoisseur of ancient artifacts especially glass and coins. Where may I find any of these for sale?

    • William Cross Hi William,

      At this moment i am in the process of identifying every item my father left me. Most stuff i have no clue about. It's a big tasks as it's 100's of items. The majority is pottery. But there's coins, arrowheads, spear heads, some daggers/swords. Also pottery from Indus valley in Pakistan? 3000 BC. There is too much to name here.

    • Vince Wheeler yes, that's the good stuff! When you are ready to sell, let me know.  I have a few ballista bolts, several denarius and coppers, but no dagger or knife. 

  • M Baelbus possibly, imp, or rep, don't see mint stamp.

  • the imperfections are almost too imperfect pertaining to the perimeter. 

  • Hi,Vince! I found your coin. As also William tells you,it is a silver denarius of the Roman Republic,issued by magistrat M.Baebius in 137BC.



    • Andi Pasculescu You are such a great help Andi.. thanks.. 3 coins down, 67 more to go.. 

    • Vince Wheeler You are welcomed,friend Vince! Good luck with your other coins too!


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