Value of 2 gold coins

Hello, I have 2 gold coins that I would love to know the value of if possible.

The one from Venezuela (The last 2 pics) I cannot find anywhere on the internet. I've found coins like it online, but not with that exact person on it (Guaicamacuare).

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Hi JG -- Very nice! I get a value of $288 US dollars for your 20 mark Hamburg coin. You have to make calculations based on the current price of gold, which is $1255 US dollars per troy ounce today. For more info see:

    And thanks for inquiring about your Venezuela CACIQUES token. We were not aware of these neat gold tokens, but have now (based on your inquiry) added them to our CoinQuest database.

    Computing the value of the CQCIQUES token is a little involved. Please visit this page:

    do the calculations, and tell us what you get. You will need a precise weight in grams, which a jeweler can easily give you.

  • I weighed the Venezuela coin and it is less than the 4.5 grams that was said was the minimum.  I have a scale and it is not the most accurate as it only measures by the gram and does not go into decimals, but when i put it on the scale it measures as 1 or 2 grams. I've been too busy to get a precise weight measurement but I just thought I would let you know. and I've attached a pic showing its size in relation to a quarter.

  • It is probably a genuine piece made of gold. I could find no definitive source that stated the weight range, but I found examples as light as 4.5 grams. The procedure for determining value, shown on our page, is valid. Use it once you are sure of the weight. Please let me know the weight once you are sure of it. Jewelers have scales accurate to 0.1 gram.

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