Indo Chinese piastre from 1500?

My girlfriend acquired a coin in Laos that looks like a genuine silver piastre, except that the date is 1500. I see no indication that the number was changed, but the 5 stands out a bit, although I believe that the contours of the 5 simply retain more filth.  We're interested in seeing whether it's worth anything or if it's just an interesting addition to our accidental collection. 

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  • This would be a fake as they were minted from between 1885 to 1946 and nowhere near 1500. If this coin is real, then the number was altered. However if it is made of silver, the coin's value will be worth its weight.

  • I was wondering if it could have been a minting mistake, somebody grabbed the 5 die instead of the 9 at the mint. Why would someone make such a detailed and beautiful counterfeit  coin and muck up the date,  or take a 1900 coin and change it to such a ludicrous date.  Who stands to gain? In any case we don't mind if it's not worth anything,  it's a pretty part of our collection and has a story.

  • This coin is heavily counterfeited. I imagine the crooks intend to sell the fakes to unsuspecting tourists. There is an interesting twist to counterfeiting this coin at the bottom of our page on them, here:

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