Silver Wedding ruble 1841, Alexandr and Maria

What's the price of the coin?

there is a confirmation on it that it's made of silver.

Waiting for the answer)

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  • I am skeptical of its authenticity. 

  • Really, so you think it costs nothing?

  • That is my opinion, yes. You can buy unmarked reproductions of this coin on eBay for $25. A real example can sell for thousands of (U.S.) dollars. If yours has any silver content, it will have some value, but I would guess that it is also not silver. Again, this is just my opinion - hopefully others will chime in - and you can also take it to a coin dealer for an in-person authentication.

  • Thanks for your opinion.  I appreciate that))))

  • Yes, SNF hit it precisely. Your coin is a counterfeit. Modern technology, and no-so-modern greed, make it easy to duplicate valuable coins these days. Collectors must beware!

    Here is a side-by-side comparison of your coin with a genuine piece from Heritage Auctions. You can see obvious differences.

     The Heritage coin sold for $6500 US dollars during a 2016 auction. Your coin is worth about zero. Sorry.

    CoinQuest, as always, is grateful to Heritage for allowing us to use their top-shelf coin photos.

  • That's clearly seen. Thanx

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