Help identify drape one cent coin not sure if it's a 1807/

One cent drape coin 1807/?

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  • Whew. It could be 1807. Even in this worn, cleaned, and mutilated condition, these old cents are still in demand. I'd bet a collector would pay $10 USD for it. Maybe more. Here is our page with more info for you:

    PS: The orange color indicates an old cleaning years ago.

    • J.Zeee
    • Any value n is it real
    • 8 days ago
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    I also would like to find a place were I will be able to get the value for this coin if you would know of a place were I can look into.realy appreciate it.and Thank you

  • Take it to a few local coin dealers in your area and ask them for an offer to buy. Coin pricing is very inexact. Look on eBay for ones similar to yours. My estimate is $10.

    • J.Zeee
    • Any value n is it real
    • 7 days ago
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    I'm going to hold on to this coin instead.Thank you for your reply

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