Napolean III French silver jeton

Can anyone who knows this french jeton tell me if this is a genuine one? And what grade it is and  how much  it is worth in US dollars today in market? Thank you very much in advance for sharing your valueable knowledge. 

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  • The one in our image below sold for $13 US dollars in a 2017 auction. That's about the value. Yours is in better condition, so it might get $20 or so.

  • Paul Richards Thank you very much for your comments. I was a bit disappointed at the price you gave. I actually paid about 35 US dollars for this jeton.

    Before I made the purchase I had indeed done some research on internet about the pricing of such a jeton. The pricing has been much higher than 20 dollars. Hence my purchase. I have always been a rational buyer. 😔

    Paul,would you please tell me the link or particular website where I can find the details of the auction you mentioned. Thank you. 

    Tian Tian 

  •  Hi Paul, 

    The picture above is the pricing info I get on ebay. According to your experience is the price quoted by seller reasonal/appropriate, having reference value? 

    Looking  foward to your specialist's judgement. Thank you. 

    Tian Tian 

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