Greek coin 42.54 gm

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  • Whoa, Todd! This could be a real ***numismatic treasure.***

    It is a decadrachm (the denomination) from ancient Greece. Compare it to the one in my picture which sold for $28000 in a recent auction. See the full description below.

    Your main concern is whether the coin is real or fake. The one in my photo is real, but this is a highly valuable, and therefore highly counterfeited coin.


    If you are willing to invest $100 or so into the coin, here is my suggestion. Go to:


    and submit your coin for conservation (a fancy term for cleaning done by museum specialists) and authentication (real or fake). If it's real, it could be a $25000 coin, or more.

    We have a page with thorough information on these coins. Please read it, here:


    Finally, below is the detailed description of the coin in my photo (translated from French by Google):

    MDC Monnaies de Collection sarl > Auction 6    Auction date: 29 October 2020
    Lot number: 49

    Price realized: 24,000 EUR   (Approx. 27,985 USD / 21,686 GBP / 25,654 CHF)  
    Lot description:

    ANCIENT GREECE Sicily, Syracuse (425-345 BC.C.). Silver decadrachm of the master engraver Evainète.
    Av. Quadriga galloping left driven by an aurige, above, victory flying to the right and crowning the aurige. At the exergue, a breastplate and a shield between two cnemides, an Attic helmet on the right, a spear behind. Rv. ΣΥΡΑΚΟΣΙΩΝ, Arethusa head on the left, crowned with reed leaves with hair adorned with spikes, surrounded by four dolphins (signature ΕΥΑΙ out of flan).
    Dewing 674. SNG YEARS 365. 35 mm. 42.12 g. 8h.
    Provenance: auction Schweizerischer Bankverein Zurich n°23 on 20 September 1989 lot n°50. Auction NAC Numismatica Ars Classica Zurich n°5 on February 25, 1992 lot n°75. Auction MDC 3, lot n°51.
    Beautiful copy, tiny lack of metal on the canevers, TTB Starting Price: 10000 EUR

  • Thanks for the information..I will proceed with NGC to get authentication and conservation done

  • Hope it's genuine ... Let us know when you get the NGC result.

  • Looks better then all other Syracuse decadrachms. Nearly all decadrachms which appears on prestigious auctions are fake! I would not prefer to clean it.

  • Monika -- Do you think Todd's coin is a fake?

    • Paul Richards According to my husband study the Todd's coin is fortunately the only genuine specimen seen till now including the Hermitage museum Decadrachm.

  • I still have not sent it in to NGC because I was reluctant to put it in the mail. It may be fake. It was in my recently deceased dads safe deposit box where it has been for the past 40 years.  I've really done nothing further to pursue looking into it. One of these days ill walk into a coin shop in Los Angeles and get their opinion. My gut is since there are so many fakes out there, I imagine mine is fake also.  But just in case its real, I was afraid of putting it into the mail to go anywhere since I am clueless on a value to insure it. It could be worth $0 or $25,000 +. Probably best if I walk it into a reputable place.  Appreciate all input. Thank you 

    • Todd Farrer Mr. Todd you are lucky person. You own an example worth a lot of money. I am glad to see that. As I can see your coin has tin deposits which is normal for silver and bronze coins which are found in the land. I can see the gathering of tin in some spots of the coin due to burn. Tin is very bad metal, the coin with tin deposits is very hard to clean. I cleaned till now about 20000 silver and bronze Greek and Roman coins with needle I do not use acids or other chemicals. The cleaning of your coin requires a lot of time (about a month, if cleaned with needle) and money. I do not think that anybody in US could do it. So my opinion is better leave it as is. You coin is in excellent condition anyway. Did you clean the coin with acid or burn it?  as I can see traces of burn on Obverse it may happen on burned fields. Can you send me diameter of coin in mm. and die ax?

    • monika berisha Thanks for your expert analysis.

    • monika berisha The coin diameter appears to be between 37-38 mm. As for the die axis I’m not too familiar with this but I send photos of coin taped to clear protractor so you can see axis relative to opposing side. It appears to be same as American coins at 6 o’clock die axis.

  • One thing you could do, in addition to finding a reliable coin dealer, is to ask a jeweler to use an XRF analyzer (non-destructive) to test for silver content. If it is not silver, it is fake.

    Reliable coin dealers can be found on this web site:


    If it is silver, send it registered mail, insured for $20000. They don't lose that. Cost about $40.

    • Actually, insure it for $20000 and HOPE THE POST OFFICE loses it. That's a cool $20000!

  • Thank you for all input. I have not attempted to clean it with anything at all. This is the condition it was when it came out of my dad’s safe deposit box after his passing. I believe it has been in there since the 1960’s or 1970’s.  I’m going to take it to a reputable coin shop from Paul’s list and have them analyze it for me.  When I get home today I will get the measurements for your info monika.  Thank you so much again for your expert opinion!!

    • Todd Farrer Everything is as expected. Your coin has craters on obverse which are usual when the ground is burnt after harvesting. Good luck.  You live in healthy country and you could make a good profit from it. Your coin do not need certificate of authenticity as it is 100% original. I have doubts about certifying it at NGC or David Sear, as NGC certified some very dangerous fakes! My husband provides only original warranty certificates and only for 100% genuine coins and it is pretty expensive, 1% of value of coin, so you do not need to spend that money. Your coin has at list 20 characteristics that prove its originality, which no one other decadrachm has. 

    • @monika berisha  , also I am glad to see at least one genuine decadrachm after so many fakes.

  • Thanks so much for your expertise. I will keep you posted on what I find out. Thank you!

  • Todd -- Don't put tape on it. Bad.

    Monica -- Please send a link to your & your husband's business. Is there any third-party authenticator you trust?

    -- Paul R

    • Paul Richards My husband manages 3 shops on delcampe. Here is one https://www.delcampe.net/en_GB/collectables/user/profile/1026589-donaukeltenulgf3kt He is a winner of 5 diploma for authenticitation of ancient coins and archeology.

    • monika berisha Her I am sending you 2 coins from his collection which were sold at NAC in 2012

    • monika berisha A. R.  from NAC Zurich Cheated My husband instead of selling Galeria Valeria which was Unique variety for 50000 SFR He tricked my husband and the coin was sold for 15000 SFR. On the description he did not mention from which collection comes the coin. He putted smaller photo on catalogue just to underestimate the coin

  • Wow, Monika -- Your husband's shop is very impressive. It looks like a lot of work running it! Perhaps Todd will do business with him.

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