Real or fake

Hello. Maybe someone could help me. I found an old coin and I'm wondering if it's real. Thank you and best regards
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  • Hi,Roksanda!

    To get from us a proper response to the question you ask,about the authenticity of your chinese coin,FIRST please provide:

    1) more accurate data about the coin, like exact weight(read on an electronic scale for jewels ; there are plenty of models,in many shops & at cheap prices of 10-15 usd.) + the coin's diameter 

    2) the result of a ''magnet test'' that you should do with your coin: it sticks or not to any magnet?!

    Up to you'll come back with these, BYE-BYE!


    • Andi Pasculescu 

      Thank you so much Mr. Andi. I will check.

      Best regards

      Roksanda from Slovenia 馃檪

    • Roksanda Pulko 


      Hello. The coin is fake because it stuck to the magnet. Thanks for the help.
      Best regards, Roksanda

    • Roksanda Pulko 


      I am sorry for the bad news that your coin is a modern chinese counterfeit (as there are so many on the market,in our days!). But...in the same time I am glad to see that you arrived to the correct conclusion by yourself (of course,with a little help!馃槈)

      It was easy to find out the result,no?!

      Everything is (more or less) simple WHEN YOU HAVE THE INFORMATION & AS SUCH KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! 馃槣

      My best wishes! 


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  • Here's some info: https://coinquest.com/cgi-bin/cq/coins.pl?coin=12325

    If it sticks to a magnet, like Andi says, it's fake. Real coins are made of silver which is non-magnetic.

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