Ancient coin or ? Anyone know?

Coin is smaller than a dime with a textured back. I'd like to learn more but have been unable to find this coin. Token maybe? Any help is appreciated thanks.

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  • Hi,

    Your coin seems to be a Roman Coin, though it should have detail on both sides of the coin. Either it is a modern replica, or one side of the coin has been greatly worn down.

    In terms of the exact emperor, try typing down the words in Google, and add Roman Coin to it. I could give it a try, but I would require a slightly more clearer photo of the emperor's face with the words beside it.

  • Thank you! I'll give it a try first.

  • Whatever you do, cleaning is Not necessary for this particular coin. Ancient Roman at one of the best qualities are suppose to exactly like that. And if it is a replica, it would look very odd once you clean it.

    Bottom line, it is in great condition, so no cleaning needed either way.

  • Cleaning isn't ever an option. But I think it's a replica because outside edge was ground down to fit in the earring. Still looking though.

  • In slightly more detail,

    Ancient coins typically would have to be cleaned in order to remove the unwanted dirt, but keeping the patina intact. Otherwise it would literally look like pieces of rock and dirt only when it is excavated.  Yours seems to be cleaned nicely, if it is real, with only the patina remaining.

    Anyway, in terms of it being real, I cannot determine it through a photo as I lack the expertise, but it seems to be quite a nice piece anyway.

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