2003 New Zealand Two dollar Coin - Possible Minting Error Coin

Hi there, I came across a coin I kept from a previous trip to NZ and from memory I am not sure if this coin worked over there hence why I kept it and couldn't  use it.

It's a 2003 two dollar gold coin and from initial research it might be one of the coins that had a minting error. The side of the coin is noticeably thicker and the position of the date '2003' may be another indicator of error.

I have attached some photos and any help would be greatly appreciated to see if it's worth anything? 

Thank you for your time and helping me with this request.

  • I am not familiar with errors associated with this coin. But that does not mean much as I do not follow error coins.

    Please supply references to web pages that say this coin has varieties that are errors.

    Our regular page on NZ two dollars, with pictures and values, appears here:


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