another unknown metal detector coin find maybe russian?

found this buried in ground like this. Maybe been hit by plough hence the way its bent.

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  • Hi Alison.

    Its not Russian. I can clearly see the fleur de lis on one side so thats swinging in the direction of France. 

    Its perhaps a jeton of some sort. Maybe somebody else can shed some light on it but its certainly french I'd say. 



  • Similar looking item here.

    I typed french jeton into google images. Theres lots on there.



  • thank you! and sorry to bother you again 

  • No bother honestly. I don't mind.

    Keep posting your finds. I enjoy detecting myself.

    Your welcome.



  • ok :)

  • You could make a paper etching and just run the words through google translate or a french-english dictionary. It helped me more than a few times.

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