1862 5 panel 1 Rupee coins

Hi - pls advise if these coins are real and what could be their estimated price? these are claimed to be rare experimental coins.

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  • Wow. Very pretty coins. The Standard Catalog does not list any 'experiemental' or 'pattern' gold rupees dated 1862. But the Standard Catalog does not contain every coin. If they are solid gold they will be worth substantial amounts.

    It is very likely that you have normal silver rupees that have been plated with gold. If so, they are worth less than normal silver rupee prices. The thing to do is check the weight. Get an accurate (to 0.1 gram) weight from a jeweler. If the coin weighs exactly 11.7 grams, it is a normal silver rupee that has been plated.

    Please view our page on these coins, here:


  • Thanks Paul

  • The coins which u showed is genuine 5 Panel coin for sure. But i never seen such a coin in this kind of beautiful condition. Thanks for sharing the images. By the by is it your personal collection?i would like to buy one if u still has this beauty!

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