What is this?

I found this piece of metal, looks like an old coin, but not sure. Wondering if anyone recognizes what this might be? Or it is just a piece of metal? 



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  • Hi Carolyn,

    This is the closest i could find.

    Described as a British lead token from the 14th to 17th centuries, the design featuring a wheel on one side and a cross on the other.

    I wish the inscriptions were more easily legible: that could tell os a lot more. 

    I read something like [...]DEL.B.P.O on one side, and C.P.I.Z. or C.P.1.2. on the other.

    Can you read anything more clearly than my attempts?

  • Hi Christopher,

    Thank  you! From what I can tell under a magnifying glass the letters on the star side are D E L B. P. O.  There is also a small cross to the side of the star.

    The other side with a cross, I gathered the same letters as you did C. P. 1. 2.  

  • P.S. It looks like an E just before the D. You read everything accurately! 

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