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Going thru coins my mom saved.  A walking Lady Liberty quarter, half dollar, and dollar. Also there is a roll of George Washington $1 coins. A handful of dimes (what could be special about dimes?) quite a few 1964 John Kennedy half dollars, a few Sacagawea $1 coins, 1890 &1891 silver dollars, 1923 & 1924 Peace silver dollars, 1936 & 1945 quarters & 1956 & 1964 quarters. Ben Franklin half dollars 1950,1953,1957,1963. Last but most confusing to me are 2 (I think) Lady Liberty nickels 1902 & 1912; and 3 dimes 1908,1911, & can't read the last date. I'm really just curious about these. My mom passed 10 years ago and this is the first time I've looked thru them.  Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Condition is always key, Try and get some good clear photos and upload them. It would make our job alot more easy and alot more accurate. Don't get all the coins in one photo as they might not be clear enough. Sounds like quite the collection though!

  • Ashley James Thank you! I will try to get some pics

    up quickly.  :)

  • You have (I am guessing) what I call an 'Old Timer's Collection' of US coins. If the coins are loose in a shoebox, figure the value will be equal to the silver content of the coins. On the other hand, if the coins are in holders (cardboard, plastic, etc.), and if your Mom had coin catalogs and magazines to accompany the collection, then there is a good chance that each coin is special and carries above-silver value.

    All of your coins appear on our main CoinQuest web site. You can go to the site and look up each one using the 'Coin Finder' button.

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