1791/1796 half penny

I bought this token today but I can't find anything  about it. Most likely it's just me not knowing where to look for but I'd appreciate if someone that saw this one before could share some info!Thanks!

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  • Wow, Paul. Very cool.

    The Macclesfield tokens are fairly common (image below), selling retail for $30 to $40 US dollars. The INDUSTRY SUPPLIETH WANT tokens are much more rare. The one below is from


    which I think he has underpriced at 45 GBP.

    As I understand you, your token is a mule of these two. Is that correct? If so, it must be quite rare.

    The folks at ABC tokens are very knowledgeable. If you do, in fact, have a mule, I'd recommend contacting them directly.

  • Hi there,

    I think i have around 25 halfpenny tokens at the moment but my knowledge about them is basically 0 as i collect tokens because they're cheap and very beautiful. That's what's funny about this token having both sides with different years so i will try to get in contact with abc coins to see what they think. Thank you Paul!

  • I used to do US coins only. Since starting CoinQuest,  I've been exposed to the true expanse of numismatics. Today, US coins are just plain boring to me. Tokens are really cool. Check out our 'collection' here:


  • update. ABC tokens were very nice to show me a similar token that they sold for 20£ so it's not a rare one. As for tokens in general i think they're great to start a collection with, lots of history and quite cheap. Collecting wise i'd place ancient roman and greek coins in first place, thalers 16-18 century(what i'm trying to collect!) in second, 18 century french/16,17/century italian states coins in third and  US coins in  fourth. At the other end i'd place  all this freshly minted ''special'' occasion coins that are absolutely boring !!!! I mean looking at a mint state, as shininy as you can get, 2 years old, probably 200.000 mintage coin and thinking that you're holding a piece of art and history or you know something about numismatics is just bull...it!!!In my opinion most of this guys are simply into shiny things like Sméagol(my precious!!!) but they simply don't realise it!

  • 20£ is not all that bad!

    I agree about moderns. What really irks me is when they artificially limit mintage. But I digress ... 🙂

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