How much is this worth?

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  • Haha, KF -- That's great!

    A talented carver has turned a normal JFK half dollar into a tribute to "tricky Dick" Nixon. The quality of the carving is top-notch.

    Carved coins can be valuable, and ones that look as good as yours are worth several 10s of US dollars. My guess is that yours would sell for $20 to $30 to a collector of carved coins. Selling your coin to a dealer would probably bring $5 to $10.

    Coins like yours are sometimes called "hobo" coins because, during the mid 1900s, drifting hobos would often carve nickels with interesting designs. Good carvers could make a substantial profit from a small, 5 cent, investment.

    Yours is not truly a hobo coin because it was made after 1964. Modern-day carvers are good, but they don't create the intrigue that once came from real-life hobos.

    Go on eBay and search for "carved" in the coins category. You will enjoy looking at all the designs. Some are very creative.

    Your 1964 half dollar contains 0.3617 troy ounces of silver. The value of the silver adds to the value of the carving.

    See our page on hobo nickels, here:


  • Thanks, Paul! That’s really interesting.

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